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New to Us - Brazen Angel with @bookishlyruby

November 22, 2021 Lit Wallflowers Season 3 Episode 43
Lit Wallflowers Podcast
New to Us - Brazen Angel with @bookishlyruby
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Elizabeth Boyle is our New-to-Us November author and we are starting from the beginning with her debut book “Brazen Angel!”

The Brazen Angel loved masquerade balls!  The balls allowed her to enchant wealthy aristocrats and rob them.  When one or two of those “gentlemen” have a friend like Giles, Marquess of Trahern, who was bored and had special skills, he too was at the balls trying to catch her in the act.

Who Giles really needed to catch or stop from running away was his future wife that his father chose for him.  However, Lady Sophia was hard to catch, she kept duping each family member into thinking she was with one relation, but was off doing something else.

Lady Sophia had other plans before a quick marriage.  Giles didn’t have time at the moment to find his betrothed because he had an important mission in France.  He went to track down the Brazen Angel who was connected to the death of his friend and colleague, a woman with familiar eyes!

Join us as we discuss an adventure, family-oriented, secret identity historical romance with our fellow bookstagrammer @bookishlyruby!

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Guest @bookishlyruby
Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal

Elizabeth Boyle
Brazen Angel
Brazen series, book one

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