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New to Us - In the Midst of Shadows by Nicola Italia & Once a Laird by Mary Jo Putney

November 19, 2021 Lit Wallflowers Season 3 Episode 42
Lit Wallflowers Podcast
New to Us - In the Midst of Shadows by Nicola Italia & Once a Laird by Mary Jo Putney
Show Notes

We got double the fun this week for New-to-Us November!  We read recently released  “In the Midst of Shadows” by Nicola Italia and “Once a Laird” by Mary Jo Putney.

If you love a mystery and suspense in your historical fiction, “In the Midst of Shadows” is for you!  Lavinia wrote short stories and through connections, she became the next penny dreadful author for a publication and her fandom kept asking for more.  However, some of her stories became reality and Detective Chief Inspector Harrison needed to solve the mysteries.  Whodunit?  Was it someone who was present at her publisher’s house party or was it one of her fans?  Things got even more real when she herself was in danger.

If you love small town romances with Viking history in northern Scotland and kindness karma, “Once a Laird,” book six in the Rogues Redeemed series is for you!  Kai Douglas Ramsey kept his promise and returned home in time to see his grandfather then take over as Laird.  To reacquaint himself with his townsfolk, Signy, the previous Laird’s assistant would accompany him on his visits around the land.  Kai finds out how hard live had been and the kindnesses his grandfather showed their people.  However, a loan was discovered with a relation Kai didn’t trust and securing the sources for repayment endangered both his and Signy’s lives.

Join us as we discuss a historical mystery and a historical romance, both that had elements of human kindness!

This episode is brought to you by Kensington’s newest title from Mary Jo Putney.  “Once a Laird” is available wherever books are sold.  Find out more at

**Content Warning**
Death, mental health, sexism cheating, split personality, mistresses, closed door romance

Immortals After Dark Nix

Nicola Italia
In the Midst of Shadows

Mary Jo Putney
Once a Laird
Rogues Redeems series, book 6

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